About us

We are a professional management company working in the real estate and construction sector. Our business involves the financial analysis, management and delivery of the development through its design and construction phases from inception to post completion aftercare. We work together with our clients as their sole representatives and as an extension to their teams. Understanding well their requirement is key to successfully deliver what they aspire for in the most efficient way through our broad range of services while working to their budget and committing to their critical timetables. Our operations are structured into sectors to offer client knowledge based and value-added service and are tailored to suit their demands.

Our style suits the partnering approach that is now encouraged in all market sectors and, as a result, clients value our early involvement to help in developing their business case; identify, manage risks and problems at the development stage, during design and before delivering the project to a high standard. We practice a comprehensive and proactive approach to project management, with special emphasis on prevention of claims from the project’s earliest stages. Our management techniques help us bring projects to completion on time, within budget, and to the specified quality.

Close management of cost, time, quality, and claims is the hallmark of ASP Project Management methodology. Each project is different, therefore the uniqueness of client requirement determines the applied system and consequently, team members selected for the job. The organization of our project team is always tailored to meet the needs and management style of the client.

Vision and Values

 ASP Project Management is driven by the vision of best practice standard and ethics, acting with honesty and integrity in maximizing return on investment and producing successful projects. Company’s Core Values are really the heart of the matter.

Our staff actively subscribers, adopt and promote the full set of our core values. Through the culture of creativity of better environment we believe in CREDIT – an unforgettable acronym to our core values:

  • Collaborative Work Environment (C)
  • Respect of Everyone (R)
  • Excellence and Quality (E)
  • Discipline (D)
  • Integrity (I)
  • Trust (T)

Every project is unique and important to us. We build value into every project. Value doesn’t really mean cost to us rather it means executing projects more efficiently with creation of balance between design and construction, building costs and running costs. It means fast, punctual completion-minimizing investment risk and maximizing returns.


We build strong relationships with our partners and clients. We minimize risk and maximize swift delivery. Quickly establishing effective methods of communication to involve and engage. Anticipating and managing issues and concerns.

We bring together the best people-and get them working efficiently together. We manage and motivate these teams, balancing and making the most of an often diverse set of skills. We create an ideal atmosphere for inspiration and innovation. Our team has experience in working in an integrated environment which improves communication and team working. Our understanding dependability, expertise, and safety distinguish ASP Project Management as a distinguished PM Solution in the regional building services marketplace.


ASP Project Management primary objective is to develop, execute, and maintain capital projects on schedule, within budget, and with operational excellence. Our basis of objectives encompasses the following tasks;

  • Deliver the PM service efficiently with trust and integrity
  • Meet clients expectation with added value service
  • Perform differently to meet challenge and produce better solutions with innovation and creativity.
  • To be our customer benchmark for dependability